For more than 50 years, our guiding principle has been: Empower better life. Together.

FARCO-PHARMA has been a strong partner to the urology profession for more than 50 years. Our highquality, user-friendly products and therapies deliver significant added value for patients and medical professionals alike.

This is underpinned by our decades of working in partnership and openly sharing knowledge with doctors, research companies and patients as well as our partner network. Together, we develop products and ideas to sustainably improve care and quality of life, empowering people to enjoy a better life. From the outset, FARCO’s products have been manufactured in accordance with the highest pharmaceutical purity and quality standards in Germany. The guaranteed sterility of the substances and packaging means that the products can be used safely in operating theatres, medical practices and at home. Our products also ensure that thousands of patients worldwide receive high-quality care in related medical specialisations, including gynaecology, neurology, surgery and anaesthetics.

For Patients

Urological examinations

The chapter "Urological examinations" offers you detailed explanations on the various urological diseases and their treatment methods.

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Congress Calendar

On our congress calendar you will find relevant national and international upcoming events such as annual meetings, congresses or symposia, where we will be happy to personally attend to your questions or concerns.

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