FARCO-PHARMA acquires Vesoxx for the treatment of neurogenic bladder dysfunction via intravesical bladder instillation

Distribution across Europe planned in 2020

Cologne, 10 December 2019. FARCO-PHARMA, a company of the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group, has acquired the approved medicine Vesoxx from Oxyton-Pharma GmbH. The German based urological specialty company, acquired the anticholinergic drug, which is used to treat neurogenic bladder dysfunction, in mid November 2019. The company, which is known for its high-quality gels and instillation solutions for urological use, further enhances its position as an expert in the treatment of bladder disease. Patients will be able to benefit from the new, approved, and reduced-risk treatment therapy as early as 2020.

Vesoxx is used to treat neurogenic urinary dysfunction in patients with paraplegia as a result of spinal cord injury or spina bifida, to whom an oral anticholinergic drug cannot be satisfactorily administered or tolerated. Vesoxx prevents infection of the urinary tract and kidney damage which is associated with this patient group. It can be administered to adults and children aged 6 and older.

Vesoxx is unique in this indication and dosage form. FARCO-PHARMA aims to rapidly close the gap in the care of those affected – in Germany as well as on a global scale. The resources and network of the urology specialty company will accelerate the European-wide distribution of Vesoxx as early as 2020.

Milestone for diversified medicine

The approved drug is a safe alternative to standard oral therapy. The risk of systemic side-effects is reduced, as the active ingredient is administered in the bladder locally through instillation and reduces possible drug to drug interactions which are metabolized in the same pathway. Patients now have an effective and safe alternative to the standard therapy., which significantly improves quality of life.

For the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group and especially for FARCO-PHARMA, the acquisition of Vesoxx is a pioneering milestone on the path to diversified urological partners. The market leader for urological gels has been making urological procedures safer and easier since the 1960s with products like Instillagel®.


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