FARCO-PHARMA supports “Protect the vulnerable“

Europe-wide aid project for the protection of people with paraplegia

Cologne, 28/05/2020 – COVID-19 can be particularly dangerous for people with severe spinal
cord injuries. That is why FARCO-PHARMA supports the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation
(ESCIF) and the Association of Paraplegics in Germany e.V. (FGQ) with the supply of free
protective masks for the caregivers of this sensitive group.

People with severe spinal cord injuries are more likely to suffer from a severe case of COVID-19,
as their immune system and respiration are often restricted. Furthermore, they usually need
additional assistance and nursing, which is why ESCIF initiated a unique project to protect this
vulnerable group. The organization aims to supply the people affected in 28 European countries
with free medical mouth-nose-protection for their caregivers as a form of external protection.
Over the next few months, the project partner FGQ will distribute the mouth-nose-protections
to the respective organizations all over Europe. FARCO-PHARMA supports this crucial project
by providing 25.000 protective masks for the caretakers of the people concerned. In addition to
these medical mouth-nose-protection and the FFP2 masks, FARCO-PHARMA will produce and
deliver hand disinfectants in June.

This project was made possible through a broad alliance of pharmaceutical companies and
medical aid manufacturers as well as homecare-companies and foundations all over Europe.
The masks can be obtained from the FGQ in Germany.

You can find further information at https://www.fgq.de/escif-help-alliance/