Farco – Awarded with the environmental certificate of the Grüner Punkt

Farco has been awarded with the environmental certificate of the Grüner Punkt. In this way we contribute to climate protection. As a customer of the Grüner Punkt we comply with the requirements for system participation according to the packaging law. With the participation in the dual system of the Grüner Punkt, Farco Pharma GmbH contributes a part to climate protection. Because by recycling sales packaging, a large amount of CO2 is saved. Recycling is an important factor in the reduction of greenhouse gases and thus makes a decisive contribution to climate protection. Since 2001, Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH has drawn up an annual overall environmental balance sheet, which provides scientific evidence of the effect of recycling on climate protection and is reviewed by IFEU Heidelberg.


Eco Certificate of the Grüner Punkt (PDF)