Innovative hydrogel method for complete removal of kidney stone fragments

mediNiK® is an innovative hydrogel that increases the effectiveness of endoscopic kidney stone removal after lithotripsy. After the kidney stones have been disintegrated, fragments of various size remain. When these have a diameter of less than one millimetre, it has not so far been possible to retrieve them effectively with a conventional grasping instrument.

mediNiK® 2-component hydrogel – safe and effective retrieval of stone fragments

mediNiK® consists of 2 hydrogel components in pre-filled sterile syringes. The two components of the hydrogel are injected in succession around the stones through the working channel of the endoscope using a catheter. mediNiK® surrounds even the tiniest fragments and forms a soft gel shortly after injection of the second component, which can be retrieved with the aid of an endoscopic grasper. In this way, even the tiniest kidney stone fragments, also known as kidney gravel or sand, can be removed from the kidney in only a few attempts.

mediNiK® is a product of Purenum GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of FARCO-PHARMA. For further information about mediNiK® please visit our subsidiary company’s website:

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mediNiK® is a medical device intended for professional use. mediNiK® is available in the application form of two sterile ready-to-use syringes of 5 ml and 11 ml. 1 package each contains 5 x 5 ml of component K1 (base substance) and 5 x 11 ml of component K2 (activator) for 5 applications.



  • Removal of kidney stone fragments during flexible ureterorenoscopy (fURS) following lithotripsy


  • Effective retrieval of stone fragments
  • Lower recurrence rate
  • Shorter operation time
  • Markedly better stone removal rate
  • Safe to use (biocompatible material)
  • No adhesion to equipment or tissue