Domestic and international urology events at a glance

"UroCongress" is the first app developed by FARCO-PHARMA. It has been specially designed for urology professionals and interested parties. The "UroCongress" app is available in German language and provides users with information concerning domestic and international urology conferences, meetings, and symposia. In addition to basic information about the events, such as dates, locations and organisers, there is also the option to select events by topic.

An especially useful feature is the ability to create your own list of favourites and the option to save your selected appointments directly to this list for easy retrieval.
In addition, a route planner has also been integrated to help you find the fastest route to each event.

The "UroCongress" app is continuously updated to include the current year's events and next year's events.
Keep track of your appointments also by downloading the free "UroCongress" app by FARCO-PHARMA. The "UroCongress" app is available for download to your iPhone at the App Store and for Android users at the Google Play Store.