InstillaGel® Hydro

Hydrogel for moist wound care and reduced scar formation in the urethra.

InstillaGel® Hydro is suitable for all patients whose urethra has been put under intense strain as a result of procedures using instruments (e.g. cystoscopy, procedure to remove urethral stricture, or removal of a permanent catheter) and who want to actively support the wound care process.

How can the wound healing process be supported?

Moist wound care


Moist wound care promotes wound healing:

  • Released messenger substances and growth factors reach their target site quickly
  • Nutrients are transported more effectively
  • The wound can "breathe"
  • More rapid formation and multiplication of new tissue cells ensures better wound closure

InstillaGel® Hydro helps to prevent scarring

InstillaGel® Hydro with Dexpanthenol forms an even protective layer in the urethra, thereby creating optimum conditions for the regeneration of the damaged mucous membrane.

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Pack sizes


Fields of application

After transurethral interventions such as

  • procedures with instruments
  • Cystoscopy
  • Dilation
  • Slitting
  • Catheterization


  • Continuous gel film creates a physiological, stress-free, and cytoprotective environment, thus providing the ideal conditions for moist wound care
  • Supports wound healing and can help reduce scar formation