For over 50 years, our aim has been continually to improve the quality of life of patients with our knowledge, our experience and our work. With our products and services, we help to deliver the optimal treatment and care, particularly in specialist urology circles. Our customer and patient focus and our range of products make a significant contribution to daily medical routine. Here, exceptional quality and ease of use have the priority. Our focus is on pharmaceuticals and medical devices which benefit the user in his practical, diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for the patient.

We want to live up to the quality standards, which both our customers and patients, and we ourselves, demand from our products, at all times. Consistent and continuous quality management, together with ongoing training of our employees, are the best basis for this.

As a certified manufacturer of disposable sterile syringes, we strive continuously to extend medical care and to promote a consistent expansion of the markets in Germany and abroad. This will also demand close collaboration on a personal level in the future. In collaboration with the medical profession, business and with suppliers and service contractors, we want always to be a reliable partner.