Instillagel® Lido

Sterile lubricant with supporting local anaesthetic effect

Instillagel® Lido is a sterile, cellulose-based lubricant with local anaesthetic properties. It is suitable for nearly all urogenital indications. The lubricant adheres well to the mucosa and has outstanding and long-lasting lubricating properties that prevent it from quickly drying out or drying onto the mucosa. At the same time, it leaves instrument lenses with a clear view; it is also water-soluble and free from lipids and latex.

The application form for Instillagel® Lido is a sterile, ready-to-use syringe that provides easy handling. The complete and uniform coating of the body's natural openings with Instillagel® Lido provides excellent reduction of friction in all interventions in the urogenital field.

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Fields of application

  • Catheterisation
  • Probe insertion (also intraoperatively)
  • Cystoscopy
  • Instillation in the urogenital region


  • Excellent and long-lasting lubricating properties
  • Sterile, ready-to-use syringe is easy to handle
  • Supporting local anaesthetic effect
  • No need to break off the syringe tip
  • Safe and simple storage in the blister pack (shelf life 5 years)