Successfully proven, sterile lubricant with local anaesthetic and disinfecting properties

Instillagel® is a long-standing, successfully proven, sterile, cellulose-based lubricant with local anaesthetic and disinfecting properties. With its exceptional and proven local anaesthetic and disinfecting action, it is suitable for nearly all urological indications. The lubricant adheres well to the mucosa and has outstanding and long-lasting lubricating properties. Due to the composition of the gel, quickly drying out or drying onto the mucosa is prevented. At the same time, it leaves instrument lenses with a clear view; it is also water-soluble and free of lipids and latex.

Pain-free examinations and procedures

The application form for Instillagel® is a sterile, ready-to-use syringe. It provides for easy handling and ensures direct instillation of the lubricant into the urethra. The uniform and complete coating of the urethra with Instillagel® significantly reduces the friction between the inserted instrument and the urethra, thus providing for optimal prevention of injuries. Injury of the sensitive mucosa and any resulting narrowing of the urethra are optimally prevented. In addition, its local anaesthetic provides the patient with a pain-free, more relaxed experience during examinations and procedures. At the same time, the clinically proven antiseptic effect of Instillagel® provides the additional benefit of eliminating any existing bacteria, considerably reducing the risk of infection.

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Fields of application

  • Catheterisation
  • Probe insertion (also intraoperatively)
  • All forms of endoscopies
  • Fistula catheter replacement
  • Intubations (also with ventilation)
  • Prevention of iatrogenic injuries to rectum and colon


  • Local anaesthetic and disinfecting action
  • Excellent and long-lasting lubricating properties
  • Sterile, ready-to-use syringe is easy to handle
  • Protects against injuries by preparing the urethra
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Reduction of pain through anaesthetic effect