FARCO. Quality from experience.

Our sterile lubricants and innovative solutions for instillation therapy and catheter inflation meet the highest requirements globally, with nearly a half century of experience and quality.

Farco revolutionized urological practice in the 1960’s by introducing the idea of direct lubricant instillation into the urethra. The concept turned into a high quality product impacting patient comfort, clinical outcomes and physician satisfaction.

For over a century, Farco has stood for impeccable quality and expertise. With a reputation of gold standard products, Farco has been the German market leader in urology. Additionally, Farco’s medical gels are used in multiple departments including, gynaecology, proctology, gastroenterology and anaesthesiology. Our products guarantee the highest quality in multiple medical care settings, operating room, private practice and home care needs.

MARKET LEADER — for medical lubricants – in Germany and beyond

PRACTICE-ORIENTED — due to continuous collaboration with medical experts

HIGH-QUALITY — thanks to pharmaceutical production standards – Made in Germany

STRAIGHTFORWARD AND SAFE — ergonomically adapted for easy, safe instillation and exact dosing

STERILE — gentle sterilisation procedure


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